Feel In the Woods with Timber Flooring, Perth

Unlike tile or mosaic flooring, incredible looking timber flooring in your house in Perth will give a feather touch to your feet. You will feel very comfortable and light while walking on these floors. On top of all this, their installation is very easy and can be maintained without much trouble. Their cleaning is also very easy since they do not allow dust and dirt to stick and stay on them for a prolonged period.

Eyebrow Threading In Sydney – Shaping Options You Never Knew

Eyebrow shapes suit differently for different facial structures. Reemas Laser Clinic in Sydney provide the following guidelines for choosing the perfect eyebrow shape:

1. If you have a long face, the eyebrow shape preference is set to flat type. Strongly arched eyebrows do not suit well on long oval face structures.

2. For a round face, highly arched brows accomplishes a lengthened look

3. A heart shaped face can soften its looks with rounded brows. This adds a more feminine look. A low arch rounded brow enhances the soft nature of the facial looks.

4. A thicker and stronger brow compliments square face shapes with prominent jaw.